Build a Team - Join the Fun!

These BBQs are an expression of appreciation for our First Responders

Nothing Says Community Like a Good BBQ

How can I get involved?

Why do these events matter?

What will the event look like?

Nothing Says Community Like a Good BBQ

Show Appreciation for the First Responders

Thank our emergency First Responders for showing up every day and for working to keep our communities safe despite the challenges they face every day.

Develop Intentional

Develop communication links between local church/community groups, businesses, and the First Responders.

Foster Beneficial Partnerships in the Community

Foster partnership opportunities through support services, programs, and resources for emergency services to benefit the entire community.

What will the event look like?

01: Purchase the food you plan to BBQ

02: Choose the type of BBQ you want to cook on

03: Set up your BBQ station

Only one rule: No hamburgers or hotdogs allowed. BBQ any other meats, vegetables, or fruits.

04: Show off your BBQ skills and your appreciation for First Responders

Bring a passion for BBQ, and BBQ your heart out

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